Orbx Announces MacKay Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 23, 2021

Scenery giant Orbx has announced the next visual release to their catalogue, jumping all the way to Mackay, Australia, and is the debut project from Rob Bryne.

Known as the Sugar Capital of Australia, Mackay is a medium-sized town just north of Brisbane. Mackay is a flourishing agricultural and mining town with a growing tourism industry.  The airport services many different Australian carriers such as Qantas/QantasLink, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar.

In 1927, the city council of Mackay was persuaded by Ron Adair to build an aerodrome in Mackay. Finally, in 1930, the land was set aside for aviation purposes and was issued a civil aviation license in March of the next year. With increasing war presence in the Pacific, the Commonwealth Government issued a boundary expansion and a gravel upgrade to help the war effort. In 1945, the airport served as a military operations base. While the airport was under the control of the Commonwealth Government, they built a passenger terminal in 1953, then offered control of the airport to the Mackay Port Authority in 1984.

Even from a first look at the teaser screenshots shared, PBR detailing has been used throughout the airport along with “ultra-high” resolution textures, the scenery will also feature custom 15cm/px aerial imagery covering both the airport and surrounding areas. Terraformed runways are also used with major details involved such as drainage channels, taxiways and aprons. Custom ground poly detailing was used to help increase the realism close to real-world Australian airports.

Here is the feature list provided by Orbx:

  • Stunning 15cm aerial imagery covering the airport and the immediate surrounding areas.
  • Painstakingly detailed rendition of Mackay Airport with ultra-high resolution textures.
  • Custom ground poly detailing specific to Australian airports
  • Terraformed runways, drainage channels, taxiways and aprons to reflect the natural and man-made landscaping
  • Debut project from indie developer Rob Bryne
  • Use of realistic PBR detailing.

As of now, no release date nor price has been confirmed by Orbx. Find all the previews images shared by the Orbx Team over on their Forums.

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