Orbx Releases Zadar Airport for MSFS

September 12, 2021

Orbx has continued on their chain of release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, their latest project takes the developer to Zadar in Croatia, situated next to the Adriatic Sea. 

Zadar is not the first airport in the region for Orbx recently, only a short time ago, we saw the release of Split for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The airport comes packed with the typical features expected from new sceneries for the platform such as full PBR utilisation, unique static aircraft relevant to the area and custom weather influenced ground texturing. 

It is worth noting that this project is released under the Orbx brand by Rasha Tucakov, and is not developed by an in-house team.

Zadar serves the Croatian region as a hub for both military and passenger operations. Passenger flights into the airport are full of tourists visit the stunning surroundings including the historic town and multiple marinas that can be found in the immediate vicinity. 

Here’s a summary of the airport’s key features:

  • Full PBR
  • Unique static aircraft
  • From developer Rasha Tucakov
  • Custom POIs across the city of Zadar
  • Detailed depiction of Croatia's 4th busiest airport
  • Custom weather-influenced ground polygon with unique textures and markings

As with all Orbx projects, the airport can be purchased from Orbx Direct for the low price of AUD$22.72 (excluding any applicable sales taxes).

The airport will require 1.56GB of storage space when installed, which can be done by the easy to use Orbx Central installer.

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