Orbx Releases Volanta 1.7

Orbx has recently updated their flight tracking platform to version 1.7, adding a new user interface and many new features. Volanta’s new update brings  a new and improved navigation bar, a replay on altitude chart, new aircraft icons, flight and aircraft filtering, a dynamic airport display that will show airports based on their activity, an “Events” page with Volanta’s official events, and much more. 

Many issues from the previous version were also addressed:

  • You can now use 3D mode without a horizontal line on your transpacific flights
  • Stream overlay Start on Launch gives you the option to disable this feature when you enable it to ‘start on launch’
  • Purge Aircraft now deletes all aircraft that have no flights associated with them
  • Scenery Scanner Stars now takes you to the in-app Airport information page
  • Flights and aircraft can now be filtered by multiple values (for example, “aircraft: B736, B737, B738, B739”)
  • Planned ATC routes can now be turned off for your past flights and other users’ flights

Volanta is available for free on their website

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