Orbx Releases Major Volanta Update

Orbx has recently updated their popular flight tracking software to version 1.4, bringing new features such as Navigraph integration, stream overlay, a mobile app for premium users, and improved schedules.

Volanta Mobile will allow users to remotely monitor their flights, with active flight statistics, and remote pause (P3D, FSX, and X-Plane), featuring the same map as the desktop version with a similar performance and feature set. It’s available for iOS and Android

The FlightAware Schedules provide industry-leading data to Volanta’s Real-World Scheduling System, with good coverage around the World, and frequent updates, with increased reliability when it comes to aircraft type. 

The Stream Overlay is a brand new addition to Volanta, featuring a dynamically updating overlay for content creators, with a range of pre-built color schemes for non-Premium users (further customization is available for Premium users), with more layouts to come in the future. The overlay can display information such as origin, destination, callsign, ETA, ground speed, vertical speed, heading, and altitude.

The Navigraph Integration will allow users with the Navigraph Charts Subscription to access their charts from within Volanta.

The complete changelog follows down below: 

- Switched data providers for schedules to FlightAware.

- Added a Navigraph Charts slideout panel

- Added a stream overlay with varying themes, and custom theme for premium users

- Released Android & iOS companion apps for premium users.

- Flights page no longer auto-zooms and pans as a result of user feedback.

- Added more language translations.

- Added links to official Volanta support and Discord to the settings page.

- Added a setting to disable plugin install notifications

- Added scenery scan caching to improve load times for some users experiencing freezing and stuttering on startup.

- Added display of runway numbers in the SimBrief OFP panel, no more scrolling down to find them!

- Added the ability to add your own flights to the roster.

- Improved the design of Volanta's Discord rich presence, now showing the simulator in use and a link to view the flight.

- Fixed aircraft icon for the users own flight not always updating on the map.

- Fixed a bug with scanning local save files which could also lead to performance problems on startup.

- Fixed roster flight line sometimes being stuck on the map.

- Fixed roster flights not being removed from the map when a roster flight is deleted.

- Fixed rare cases of flight saves not being saved when the aircraft title couldn't be detected.

- Fixed modals being too wide in Firefox.

- Fixed orientation of text in panels based on language (Chinese, Japanese and Korean are no longer inverted).

- Updated Electron version with security updates and other dependencies.

- Improved resilience of connection to our real-time update socket service with better retry and queueing of messages.

Volanta 1.4 is available on their official website, free of charge. 

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