OpenSceneryX Updated to v3.2.0

Sam Clark
Sunday, January 6, 2019

Popular scenery library OpenSceneryX has been updated to version 3.2.0. Among the largest changes in the new version is the addition of two new libraries, both from developer FlyAgi. The FlyAgi Wind Turbine Library and the FlyAgi Vegetation Library are now part of OpenSceneryX.

Here’s the full change-log for version 3.2.0: 

New scenery objects in this version:

Modified scenery objects in this version:

  • The USA Hawaiian forests were empty and using a blank texture, which has been the case since they were first added. We now use pacific_lowland instead, as the closest match.
  • Added TILTED attribute to all appropriate objects so they follow sloped terrain. Affects aircraft, vehicles, some furniture and some people.

Other changes:

  • Removed all unnecessary EXPORT_BACKUP lines for RE_Library backup library.
  • Third party libraries are now exported using EXPORT_BACKUP instead of DEPRECATED EXPORT entries. Means that if both OpenSceneryX and the source library are installed, the source library takes precedence, which is important when it is still being actively maintained and updated and may be ahead of OpenSceneryX.
  • Replaced the Backup Library with the latest v2.0.0 version.
  • Individual screenshots generated for all European forests.
  • Individual screenshots generated for all US forests.
  • Added a set of simHeaven export paths so they don’t have to copy actual objects out of OpenSceneryX on installation of their packages. These new paths will be used in the next releases of VFR Landmarks and X-Europe.
  • Now write a version.txt file containing the version number and date into the library folder, for utilities such as xOrganiser to use.

To update OpenSceneryX, simply re-run the installer. If you don’t have the installer, you can find it on their website.

Thank you to Austin G., developer of OpenSceneryX, for submitting this news over on the Threshold Forum.

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