OpenSceneryX Version 4.3.1 Released

December 7, 2019

Freeware object library OpenSceneryX has received not one but two updates this week, firstly on Monday with the release of version 4.3.0 and later the release of a 4.3.1 hotfix.

Monday's major update incorporated objects from Darrell Thompson's DT Library - namely ground polygons - and new objects from the recently updated FlyAgi Vegetation Library. Winter and spring textures had a bug fixed where a white 'halo' would appear around them, and other various corrections were made.

The main upshot of v4.3.0 is added functionality with seasons, with optimisations to winter assets and added support for season switching through Scenery Animation Manager version 2.

A new installer brings all of the changes together, with SAM season switching made easier, new Spanish and Catalan translations and a memory leak patched up on Windows computers. In addition to this, the library's website has been updated to feature a 3D view at each individual object - for example, this tree object.

The second of this week's updates came late on Friday, with the 4.3.1 bugfix addressing a DDS texture issue which would cause X-Plane to throw up warnings to the user. The textures have been remade and thus the issue fixed.

To update from an earlier version (pre-4.3.0), you must re-download the installer from the OpenSceneryX website. If you have installed 4.3.0, simply re-running the installer will update the library to 4.3.1.

You can learn more on the OpenSceneryX website here.

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