Parallel 42’s 777 Immersion Releasing on Friday

Parallel 42 has recently announced a release date for their upcoming 777 Immersion package for Microsoft Flight Simulator - part of their SimFX add-on - aiming to improve the overall realism of the effects within the simulator, including condensation, new particle effects, and more.

Available as a single package for all major renditions of the triple seven airframe regardless of the livery used, bringing immersive effects for the PMDG and CaptainSim (at a later date) and customized for each with performance as their top priority. 

Built on the SimFx framework, it offers the best combination of effects and customizability via the SimFx interface. For the unaware, Parallel 42’s SimFX is a visual effects utility covering a range of immersive scenarios. Every particle on the screen is authentically governed by environmental variables and formulas, and dynamic effects appear under the right conditions, creating unique moments in the virtual skies. The effects include contrails, heat blurs, wing wash, rotor wash, and more.

Their immersion package for the 777 builds on top of what SimFx already offers, bringing nineteen custom effects for the mighty triple seven, including swirling contrails, condensation effects, waste water drain every hour, engine cold start effects, fuel jettison, cloud illumination, hot brakes smoke, carbon brake dust, and water droplets. The APU heat blur and the St. Elmo’s fire are not supported because of a development choice by PMDG, using a deprecated technique preventing SimFX or 777 Immersion from injecting their version of those effects.

The package will be available for $15.00 on Friday (July 12). Club 42 members are eligible to purchase an early access version of the product. 

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