Parallel 42 Announces Flow for MSFS

Parallel 42 recently announced Flow, their latest project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, an easy and intuitive navigation wheel with many features and multiple customization options, for each user or aircraft. It replaces MSFS’ default toolbar with similar functions and more, including the possibility to convert units on the go. Time and weather control, cameras, door controls, server change, TOD calculator, METAR request, scripting, etc., are demonstrated in the two minute video. 

According to the video description, the product will feature three tiers: Flow, Flow Essentials, and Flow Pro. There isn’t enough information on the differences between the tiers (other than what is shown on the teaser), aside from the fact that there will be a free tier with limited features. 

It’s said to be coming soon to Orbx Direct. There’s no information about install size or pricing yet. 

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