Parallel 42 Announces Game Modes for The Skypark

March 29, 2021
nobody, apparently.

Parallel 42 has taken to their website to announce a brand new addition coming to The Skypark, with the addition of Game Modes.

It was stated that once the user hits level 3 within The Skypark, game modes would be unlocked, these consist of Discovery and Endeavour, with the developer describing it as a sort of "parallel life". It was also confirmed that the user would be able to switch between them at any time.

Starting off with Discovery mode, it was described as a mode “best suited for pilots that don’t want the fuss of finances, levels, or reliability ratings” with all contracts and content already being unlocked. Lastly, it was stated that “the only metered metric is the contract expiration timer.”

Moving on to the other game mode, Endeavour mode, it was described as “the way to go for pilots that want to experience The Skypark as intended by our team.” With a “very complex progression” system, it includes finances, levels, reliability ratings, karma, “and your decisions all play an active part in what content becomes available, and when.”

Lastly, the developer stated that with these game modes in place, they’ll now be able to “proceed at a solid pace” to introduce additional content such as penalties, operation costs, requirements, and more.

Parallel 42’s The Skypark is available for purchase from Orbx Direct for AUD 42.

You can view the source post for this article via the developer’s website.

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