Parallel 42 Releases a free new utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Parallel 42 has recently released Simstaller for FS2020. The software is designed to detect add-on conflicts and installation issues related to the complexity of installing modifications to the simulation. It is a lightweight standalone application that runs in the background of Windows. Initially, Parallel 42 planned to offer the utility as a payware product but later realized that it was a must-have for users who download from community sites like

The Virtual File System (VFS) scans and detects issues, alerting you to packages that override critical core operations or unintended game modifications. With Simstaller, you can identify who or what is overriding the functions of the simulation. Simstaller provides welcome relief for individuals fatigued by the constant need to troubleshoot errors and pinpoint the root causes of issues within Microsoft Flight Simulator's community folder.

The Parallel 42 Simstaller app is available free on

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