Simworks Studios announces the offical release date of the PC-12

Simworks Studios has finally announced the much-awaited release date of their new Platus PC 12. The official release time is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6, at 12:00GMT. The aircraft will be available for download on the Simworks Studios website and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace as soon as approved.

Simworks has indicated that the console version will be released later due to some issues that the team has been addressing. This PC12 will be Simwork's most complex flight model, custom in-house avionics, and engine model, making it the most complete add-on ever released by Simworks. They have promised to keep updating the PC12 over time.

The team is currently working on the manual to have it available for release. Simworks is also working on the failure expansion models to allow failures to occur organically while being more "portable" to future aircraft projects. Moreover, they have mentioned ongoing discounts, stating that this is an excellent time to pick up other Simworks products.

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