Pyreegue Dev Co. Releases Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International for MSFS

April 3, 2021

Pyreegue Dev Co. has released their next Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery to be Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport located in Lviv, Ukraine. The scenery features a modelled terminal interior, custom animated jetways and a few surrounding buildings.

This release follows the scenery's initial announcement in a preview posted just under a week ago. Following this preview, Pyreegue Dev Co. retweeted an announcement made by OrbxSystems on their Twitter Page.

In a 5 minute preview posted by the developer, they showcased much of the airport’s modelled interior including waiting areas, baggage claim and much of the exterior as well.

Included with the scenery’s release, Pyreegue Dev Co. has also attached a feature list which you can check out below:

  • Terminal Carcass made with AutoCAD to almost identically replicate the real building
  • Custom Animated Jetways with dynamic hood to perfectly fit any airframe
  • Custom Ground polygons with custom markings and dirt
  • ILS/VOR data according to latest AIP (On-line ready)
  • 2021 Layout
  • Custom night lighting
  • PBR textures for every object
  • Optimized LODs and textures for smooth performance
  • Animated vehicles on aprons
  • Default ATC/Traffic integration
  • Parallax Window Mapping for a visual “3d Interior effect”
  • Lviv Arena, Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, Socar Gas Station included

As mentioned before, the team released a preview showcasing much of the airport which you can check out below:

Pyreegue Dev Co.’s Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport is available for purchase on Orbx Direct for $21.99.

More of the group’s work can be seen on their Twitter Page.

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