projectFLY Version 4 Released

June 27, 2020

After slightly more than 24 hours of downtime across their cloud-based infrastructure, projectFLY has re-emerged anew with version 4 of their software, available now. The flight logging application began the upgrade early Thursday, with reports out that the first stage of migration had been completed not too long afterwards.

By late evening the group's PR head had stated that the migration was on-track for it's 24-hour target, despite a delay of one hour at the beginning of the operation. It was later announced that the migration of users fleet data was taking longer than expected, so the initial 0900 GMT target was not able to be met.

The developer also shared new images of the new version's interface to Threshold on the night of the migration, which are viewable here.

The lead-up to version 4's release also so the launch of a new pricing model for 'Supporter' and 'Pro' ranks.

While the developer assures users that 'projectFLY will always be entirely free at its core', a diagram released earlier this week showed that more involved features such as streamer tools, overlay branding and faster data update frequencies will be exclusive to the Supporter and Pro ranks. More information can be found in a previous article.

A shortened changelog was also published to the release announcement, which is as follows:

  • Yes, Streamer Tools are back up and running!
  • Yes, you can connect your Twitch account!
  • Yes, real-time notifications are working!
  • Yes, the network filters now work as intended on the Radar!
  • Redesigned Booking & Dispatching processes
  • Improved Discord Rich Presence
  • Global Fleet integration
  • Statistics page
  • New Fleet pages
  • Addon/scenery manager
  • Exporting logged flights for viewing in Google Earth
  • Improved landing event system
  • Reimagined Passport
  • Radar Image Tooltips
  • Improved Itinerary Builder (so you're ready for those 4 sector days :D)
  • Inflight tracking map/inflight pages with tools & improved scratchpad
  • Updated schedules

The often-times controversial version 4 was initially slated for late last year, however, funding and development delays returned the group to the drawing board. A lengthy Facebook post explained the situation in full detail, but in short, after a week of downtime, the previous version was put back online and the developers vowed that the update would return once it is a "ready enough product".

You can download projectFLY v4 from the product website.

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