projectFLY v4 Status Update Shared

Friday, June 12, 2020

A large update on the status on projectFLY has today been shared through their Facebook page.

The update centres on a selection of screenshots taken from the next iteration of the flight logger and tracker, with information about the application accompanying these screenshots.

"We’d like to share a projectFLY v4 Progress update with you all and show you some cool new photos of the app, that we’ve taken directly from our Focus Group Build of the app!" wrote the projectFLY team to Facebook.

The Focus Group was established in March as a means of a select few users testing the upcoming update to iron out issues.

"First of all, the Dashboard. Looks pretty cool, huh! The dashboard is taking over what we called Stratus in the v3 app and it’s got some cool features. The most noticeable one is your landing rate graph, which will show you your last 10 landing rates compared to each other on a graph. You’ll also be able to access your last flights, see the latest available contracts and even see some Achievements and Network planned events!

"Secondly, we have the new Scenery Manager! This was requested quite a lot by users in the community and we decided it would be a cool addition to the app. From here, you’ll be able to manage your P3D and X-Plane Scenery directly within the projectFLY app.

"Next up, the Passport! We decided to take a new approach to the Passport, so rather than showing you a list of flags, we’ve made it more user interactive. On the new Passport, you’ll be able to click each individual country, and it will show you a map of flights you have taken from that country. If you’ve visited a country, the country will show greyed out on the Passport, and you can tick another one off your list!

"We’ve also redesigned our Itinerary Planner. From here, you’ll be able to access our newly updated schedules and choose from what Airline you wish to fly, where you want to depart from, along with your Pre-flight start time and specific type of aircraft. It also shows you a cool map of all the destinations you can fly to, with the filters you’ve selected! Pretty neat, eh?

"Lastly, we have the new Bookings page. From here, as usual, you’ll be able to type in a Departure and Arrival Airfield and search through the projectFLY schedules. From here, you’ll also be able to access the Itinerary Builder or create a Custom Booking, if that’s how you roll. Now, let’s say your craving some flight time under your belt, but you’re running a bit short on time. We’ve introduced a new “Time Constraint” feature. Just type in the Departure Airfield and choose your constraint and the map will show you a circle of airports you can fly to within the time that suits you best!

"We are so excited to get projectFLY v4 out of the final stages of development and into your hands. We know it’s taken longer than it should’ve but we’re almost there now. We’re doing some final touches and our Focus Group are working hard to iron out any issues we have left, and once they’re 100% comfortable, you’ll have projectFLY v4!

"We can’t wait to see what the future brings for projectFLY and we thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed."

projectFLY came under fire yesterday when it was announced some user data had been sent to the wrong recipients. The team was swift in identifying the issue and fixing it, as well as reporting it to the relevant authority that deemed no further action was necessary.

Users interested in keeping up-to-date with projectFLY can do so through Facebook and Twitter.

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