PMDG Updates 737-700, Now Allows 3rd Party Modifications

June 25, 2022

Today marks the second update in the space of a month for the PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is now on version 3.00.0024. The developers say that this patch primarily brings 'behind the panel' improvements.

This is due to the forthcoming rollout of a new lateral flight path model, which was discussed at length in the group's previous development status update earlier this month -- see that here.

According to PMDG lead Robert Randazzo, "we are very close to turning [this] new feature on for you."

"We have also spent an enormous amount of time investigating laggy animation problems. It is a painstakingly slow process, but we think we have made good progress in stabilizing some of the laggier items such as the control columns and throttles."

"One item still in the research pool is the windshield wipers. We made a small amount of improvement here, but we are finding that the wipers move so fast (even at their slow setting) that they simply don't render smoothly and we are still working to see if we cannot devise a way to make that work more effectively. Stay tuned for more there."

Randazzo also notes that the trim wheel's animation and sound are seeing some work.

See the full changelog here:

  • 0011475: [Main Panel - General/Unsure] Removing non working Color changing options from FMC (abashkatov)
  • 0011474: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Screw on upper display unit floating in space (vscimone)
  • 0011468: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Landing Gear lever animation missing through the OFF position (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011320: [General - Suggested/Missing Features] ARPT_RWY.dat size is zero, ie empty on some customers (abashkatov)
  • 0011330: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Typos on flight kit stowage placards (vscimone)
  • 0011345: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Transponder Scroll issue (abashkatov)
  • 0011374: [Systems - Fire Protection] Fire Bottle Discharge lights do not come on for almost 20 seconds after discharge (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011376: [FREEZES - All Types] RTA waypoint sequencing or deletion provisions (emvaos)
  • 0011381: [External Model - Geometry] Belly light bleed through cabin (jbrown)
  • 0011382: [General - Documentation] aircraft.cfg text - use of coma error (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011384: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Poly clipping on ceiling (vscimone)
  • 0011391: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] VC gap, outiside eviroment visible (vscimone)
  • 0011393: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Main Panel indicator housing needs more detail (vscimone)
  • 0011395: [External Model - Geometry] Wet touchdown Water Spray from Main wheels is reversed Left/Right (jbrown)
  • 0011399: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Throttle Screw texture alignment off (vscimone)
  • 0011411: [Systems - Flight Controls] LE Flaps and Slats retract with B system off after Alternate Flap Extension (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011413: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Glareshield geometry wrongly changed on latest update (vscimone)
  • 0011417: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] F/O side window cable clipping (vscimone)
  • 0011419: [External Model - Geometry] BBJ Texture flickering on left side beneath the cockpit (jbrown)
  • 0011422: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Stab trim cutout switched texture needs a touch up (vscimone)
  • 0011389: [General - Documentation] Tutorial Typo Errors (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011392: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Front window serial Number sticker shows only when there is a solid object in front of the plane (vscimone)
  • 0011397: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Bank Angle selector no longer works with Mouse Wheel and cannot be rolled to the right except from the FO side. (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011429: [External Model - Geometry] Cabin windows have a rainbow effect applied (jbrown)
  • 0011431: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] HGS panel on pedestal is not back-lit (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011444: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Many switches and knobs animate instantly and should be slowed down (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011473: [Systems - Flight Controls] throttle animation requires algorithmic improvement to animation function (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011472: [Systems - Flight Controls] Control column/yoke animation requires algorithmic improvement to animation function (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011471: [Systems - Flight Controls] Trim Wheel Animation incorrect and not working as expected (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011443: [Sounds - Internal/Cockpit] Trim sounds not working (rsrandazzo)
  • 0011445: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Overhead GEN panel texture updates and improvements (vscimone)
  • 0011449: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] HGS Display on FO Main panel does not protrude enough (vscimone)
  • 0011460: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Various text spacing issues on CB panels (vscimone)
  • 0011461: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Erroneous space on smoke hood placard (vscimone)
  • 0011459: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Window stickers disappear with sky in background (vscimone)
  • 0011457: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Text missing on captain's emergency rope hatch (vscimone)
  • 0010424: [Systems - Fire Protection] Extinguisher TEST Switch and Fault/Inop and Overheat/Fire TEST Switch should be spring-loaded to center. (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011387: [General - Unsure] Popup key commands should be added to documentation (hvanrensburg)
  • 0011451: [External Model - Geometry] COMM/EXT Power panel issues (jbrown)

Looking to the future, the developer says that this week will focus on control configuration problems for users. This extends to both getting rudders correctly working on some joysticks and game-pads, as well as finetuning control balancing for proper feel.

Also coming with this update is a revised EULA. This was not mentioned in the primary forum post for the patch, instead, Randazzo opted to post this separately.

In short, after some disputes from 3rd party creators over PMDG's tight leash on model/texture modifications (outside of liveries) leading to a number of DMCA takedowns, the group have changed their license agreement to allow this type of mod.

It is important to note that the new EULA still states that PMDG must be contacted before distributing new 'models, sounds or other files.'

See the update forum post here.

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