POSCON Demonstrate Web-Based Tablet Radio Capabilities

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Positive Control Network (more commonly known as just POSCON) have released another clip via their YouTube page demonstrating new features to come with the release of their multiplayer network in the near future.

This follows clips dropped last week and the week before showing off model-matching and radio capabilities respectively.

Today's video demonstrates "radios without boundaries", using an iPad to control radios inside of Prepar3D. It's interesting to note that POSCON's approach to mobile functionality actually uses the tablet's built-in web browser, as opposed to the more traditional app format.

X-Plane compatibility is likely around the corner, since similar X-Plane mobile apps have such functionality. We have reached out to POSCON to gain confirmation on this point.

The previous clip posted on the POSCON YouTube page is in X-Plane, and is a demonstration of two aircraft landing on intersecting runways. The producers of the video also include snippets of radio conversation to show what the quality will be like in the final product.

You can find out more on the POSCON YouTube channel here. Alternatively, find them on Discord here.

Thanks to TestFlight357 from the Threshold Discord server for the tip! <3

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