Pilot Plus Announces Biggins Hill for MSFS

September 22, 2021


Pilot Plus has recently announced on their website blog that they are working on London Biggin Hill for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it is one of their projects that are currently in development behind doors. The airport will be developed in conjunction with Airport management to ensure that the product would replicate the real airfield as realistic and accurate as possible. Photographic surveys were conducted both on the ground and through helicopter flights for reference:

The real airport is located close to Central London, situated in the London Borough of Bromley. A popular spot for private and charter flights, it is known in its history where it played a significant role in the Battle of Britain.

As per usual, one can expect the same level of detail and quality from a Pilot Plus release, and the collaboration with airport authorities will enable the team to properly translate the environment of the real airport to the simulator. One of the highlights that the developer announced is accurate terrain for the airport and the surrounding area with a 1 metre per pixel resolution.

Not much further details were provided in the post, save for several renders of the building assets the team is developing. The team wrapped up the announcement post with a thank-you note to the airport staff for allowing the team to realise the airport in MSFS. For the original post,  and more images visit their website.

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