PixelPlanes and Aerosoft Release Breezer Sport

PixelPlanes and Aerosoft have released their newest project, the two-seat ultralight Breezer Sport. The release comes just days after the initial product announcement. 

The Breezer Sport as mentioned above is a 2-seater ultralight aircraft and features a full aluminum construction with a Rotax 915 iS/iSC power plant. The German-manufactured Breezer has a cruising speed of 145 knots and a maximum range of 755 nm. The aircraft also features a retractable landing gear.

Pixel Planes and Aerosoft's rendition of the Breezer Sport features an authentic interior and cockpit, modeled after the original specifications from Breezer Aircraft. The aircraft features several animations and ground objects, this includes the opening/closing of the canopy as well as a removable safety pin and pitot cover. The cockpit features a full glass panel with integrated AS3 touch systems and a simplified RSFlight EMU for displaying engine information. The Breezer Sport can be purchased from the Aerosoft website for $22 USD. 

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