Pilot Plus Updates Bristol and Wycombe Definitive

August 6, 2020

Pilot Plus has released substantial updates for the two products in their definitive range, Bristol and Wycombe Air Park.

The definitive range came about as the next step up of quality for the developer after many projects from them before the definitive range was introduced including Gatwick and a previous, non-definitive, version of Bristol.

Bristol and Wycombe Air Park have also been ported to the P3D platform by the developer recently, marking the developer’s entry into the platform.

Pilot Plus has also published a roadmap on their website, although it currently seems empty it will undoubtedly be filled in the future.

Bristol Definitive Changelog:

  • (New) 7n Stand
  • (New) South Zone Taxi Link
  • (New) Custom Taxi-Signage 
  • (New) Silver Zone Car Park Building
  • (New) Asphalt Edge Texturing
  • (New) Added Mendip Tower Transmission Station
  • (New) Added Animated WigWags
  • (New) Added Tower Interior
  • (New) Added Air-side Ground Traffic
  • (New) Added A38 Traffic
  • (Fix) Primary Asphalt Texture
  • (Fix) Taxi-Flow
  • (Fix) South Zone Runway Lead-up Markings – 09-27
  • (Fix) Removed A38 streetlights 

Wycombe Air Park Definitive Changelog:

  • (New) Painted Ground Textures
  • (New) Tower Interior 
  • (New) Enhanced PBR Effects
  • (New) Added Ground Traffic
  • (Fix) Increased Performance
  • (Fix) Corrected PAPI Lighting

Pilot Plus can be followed on their Facebook Page.

Pilot Plus’ Wycombe Air Park Definitive or Bristol Definitive can be purchased for £16.99 and £20.99 respectively.

Our review on Bristol by Pilot Plus can be read in our latest review.

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