Pilot Plus Announces Wycombe Air Park for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 29, 2020

Recently turned cross-platform developer, Pilot Plus has announced their latest branch out into a new platform, with the announcement of Wycombe Air Park for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Alongside their announcement of porting their Wycombe scenery to the new platform, the developer also announced that any new products would be made for all three major flight simulation platforms, X-Plane 11, P3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pilot Plus was a long term X-Plane developer until branching out into the ESP platform with their first product for P3D, Bristol International, since then the developer devolved further into ESP Development with their Wycombe Air Park P3D.

Before delving into the P3D scene, the developer also made a new product line for X-Plane: The Definitive Range. The product lineup came about as the next step up of quality for the developer after many projects from them before the definitive range was introduced including Gatwick and a Geneva.

Pilot Plus’ Wycombe Air Park is available for £16.99 for X-Plane or £17.22 for P3D at the Pilot Plus store.

You can find the original full announcement on the Pilot Plus website news section.

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