FlyingIron Simulations Share More P-38L Previews

July 2, 2020

On their own forums, FlyingIron Simulations have released a second “mini-update” regarding the development of their upcoming Lockheed P-38L Lighting for X-Plane 11.

The P-38 is a WW2-era fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin) that first flew in 1939. Easily recognizable with its iconic shape, the aeroplane was nicknamed by the Japanese forces as “two planes, one pilot”. The P-38L variant of the aircraft was produced over 3,900 times and was a modified version of the P-38 with modifications allowing it to carry five rockets and increased tactical capacity with strengthened weapon mounts. 

The developer indicated that work on the flight model was almost done and that there had been tremendous progress on the add-ons arts. FlyingIron Simulations are actively working on the aircraft’s weapons and hydraulic systems. Livery creation is also taking up time in the development process, as shown in the previews. 

Early tests on the aircraft show excellent performance with over 75 frames per second on the developer’s computer compared to the 60 frames per second on the company’s previous products. 

In the previous update, FlyingIron have indicated that the aircraft should be available in about two week from now. Check out our article about it. 

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