PMDG Updates 737 Lineup for MSFS

PMDG has recently updated their 737 Lineup to version 3.00.0071, improving its stability, performance, and functionality on PC and Xbox. The new update focuses on performance improvements for lower-end machines and the Xbox Series S, improving memory usage. They have also fixed the engine spool behavior in low RPM ranges and made some AFDS roll control mode law adjustments, initialization sequence improvements, and back-end changes for future EFT compatibility. The complete changelog follows down below:

  • Improved memory use for older PC / Xbox S users
  • Improved memory use on all hardware for users who do not run in ULTRA settings.
  • Improvements to initialization sequence to reduce tendency for platform to "kick" the WASM module during initialization.
  • corrected engine spool behavior in low RPM ranges
  • adjustments to engine windmill start behavior to compensate for platform deficiency
  • further adjustments to AFDS roll mode control law
  • various back-end changes related to tablet->airplane communications in preparation for tablet release.

Robert Randazzo has also informed us about a delay on the 737-700 and -800's 3.00.0070 update on Marketplace (a version behind), which should match the other members of the lineup on 3.00.0071. 

The EFB is still undergoing testing, with them recently pushing a build to their beta team with changes based on their feedback. They are already discussing a potential release date.

The 737 Lineup is available on PMDG's Store for $69.99 (737-700 and 737-800), $49.99 (737-900), and $34.99 (737-600).

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