PMDG Publishes New Development Update for MSFS

Robert Randazzo, PMDG’s Founder, has published another development update for Microsoft Flight Simulator regarding an upcoming patch for the 737 lineup and its eventual release on Xbox, more info on the EFB, and more.

The forum post begins with Randazzo explaining an issue with his internet connection, which has delayed both the update on PC and the 737’s arrival on Xbox, which are set to release soon. They plan to release a complete set of micro-updates for the 737 next week, including the aforementioned AFDS improvements, a few more fixes and tweaks, and the mitigation of a long existing bug with the V-speed computations misapplying corrections for head/tail wind components.

Randazzo also reminds everyone that the marketplace update will take longer due to Asobo’s approval process. His estimation for the rollout is either May 18 (the most favorable outcome) or May 25. The same applies to the Xbox version, which was pushed simultaneously.

Still on that Xbox note, Robert says that the 737 for Xbox won’t have any extra liveries to begin with, as their original plan was to wait for the liveries to be approved first, but they saw lots of feedback on their forum from the console simmers that would not mind an early release without any livery packs for the time being. Liveries of which, to no fault of their own, will cost $4.99 per pack (the in-game marketplace does not allow for free content, and that price tag is the minimum value). 

The Universal Flight Tablet is still being worked on, with work going on refining the PERF process and refinement on native mapping features for non-Navigraph subscribers while also working hard on the Navigraph integration for Navigraph customers. They also made sure to explain once again why it has been taking so long to come out, bringing up how it’s a sandboxed environment and the communication between that environment and the “external world” is a little bit complicated. 

They finish the UFT news bit with the information that an external-to-PMDG developer is working on adding extra functionalities, “showing what the tablet is truly capable of.” 

Its initial release is said to bring a “number of features,” with more to come. “Navigraph and Simbrief users will be pleased by the care that has gone into ensuring a nice, tight weave between our technology and theirs,” said Randazzo. 

The DC-6 update has been pushed to the marketplace, and the expected date is the same as the 737’s update. Either May 18 or May 25. Non-marketplace owners will get a micro-update this week incorporating these changes, which, according to Randazzo, should be transparent.

The development update ends with more information on the 777, which is progressing nicely, and they claim to be very happy with how things are going.

The 737 Lineup and the DC-6 are available on the PMDG Shop and in the MSFS Marketplace (partially). 

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