Thranda Design Releases Quest Kodiak V2 + REP Coming Soon

November 20, 2019

Dan Klaue's personal brand Thranda Design has today released version 2 of the Quest Kodiak, which was first released in November 2016.

Typically, Thranda Design operate behind-the-scenes, helping developers such as Just Flight, Alabeo and Carenado convert their aircraft to X-Plane - the Quest Kodiak being one of their own projects, alongside a PC-6 Porter which was previewed in late 2018.

Described as an "exceptional model" in the store description, version 2 builds upon the 6 previous updates since the aircraft's release 2 years ago this week.

The changelog for this update includes:

  • Completely overhauled SASL to become SASL3
  • Added expansion pack to base pack
  • Added de-ice and exterior surface ice visualization
  • Added optional TKS de-ice equipment and switches, can be toggled via the 2D pop-up
  • New oxygen system and simulation
  • Completely overhauled sound to take more advantage of improvements in FMOD
  • Completely overhauled flight dynamics and water dynamics
  • Added custom indicated airspeed error, compared to calibrated airspeed
  • Added mud flap option
  • Added ability to select between G1000 in-bezel autopilot and S-TEC 55 autopilot.
  • Added synthetic vision
  • Made improvements to VR configuration
  • Improved custom annunciator system; the background scales with the number of items
  • Improvements to custom annunciator triggers and logic
  • Environmental system electrical draw is dependent on heaters and fan speed now
  • Rewrite of weight and balance module
  • Weight and balance weights can be saved and automatically loaded for the next flight
  • "Simplified" engine mode now has correct engine reverser behavior

SimCoders, makers of the Reality Expansion Pack series, have confirmed to the developers that a REP package will be made available for the Kodiak soon. See more in this forum post.

Quest Kodiak version 2 by Thranda Design is available as a free update to current users of the aircraft. Currently, the update is only available to users on X-Updater, though it will be available through the store page later today, according to the developer.

You can purchase the aircraft for $33.95 USD on the Store here.

Thanks to Pete H and Agent B-7 for tipping us off! See more in the Threshold Discord server.

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