RAZBAM Show New MiG-23MLA Images for DCS

August 1, 2023
nobody, apparently.

Renowned DCS World developer, RAZBAM who have recently released their F-15E Strike Eagle has been so focused on providing updates and patches that news on their other projects has gone quiet until recently.

MiG-23MLA Cockpit 3D render
External Image of MiG-23MLA

Ron Zambrano, the CEO of RAZBAM has recently shared new pictures of their MiG-23MLA. This project has been in development for a while now however not much news has surfaced regarding it. These latest images clearly show that the MiG-23MLA is very much in active development and that great progress is being made.

3D Render of MiG-23MLA Cockpit
3D Render of MiG-23MLA Cockpit

The Images released show the 3D modelling of the cockpit and an external view of the aircraft. As of yet, there is no indication as to when we can expect this aircraft to release, there is also no pricing information however Threshold will keep you updated with all the news to come so stay tuned!

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