RDPresets Debut Naples Airport in Latest Development Update

June 6, 2022

Creators of Rotterdam-The Hague for Microsoft Flight Simulator, RDPresets have announced that Naples’ airport will be their next pursuit for the platform.

With this news the developer doubles the number of projects they’ve got on the go, as work on Marseille continues concurrently.

“[Marseille] has hit some major bumps in the road, some items failed our Quality Assurance and are requiring some remodelling, this will take time and has set Marseille back two release slots, meaning as it stands two other airports will come before it."

The developer explains that the delay is necessary to ensure quality.

No previews of either Naples or Marseille were provided.

"But this does allow me to announce you our first new airport which is in Italian [sic], “Aeroporto di Napoli”."

"We’re incredibly proud of how this product is currently being developed and it’s going at an incredible pace. We’re using a new texture method ensuring a higher texture resolution, but at the same time using less texture sets.

"It took us some time to perfect this and arguably we’re still learning it, but we feel it is really good already and worthy enough to put it above our current Rotterdam airport quality."

RDPresets want to go 'the extra mile' in ground detailing with Naples, saying that the final product will 'truly give you an idea of arriving or departing [at an airport with proper weathering].

They have not offered a release date as yet, but maintain that the first in-sim images of Naples will debut shortly.

It was also revealed in the development update that the brand is working on a hub software for their products. The software will be called RDHome.

See the source post for this article on the RDPresets website.

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