HST Simulations Update RealView to Version 1.5

August 15, 2020

X-Plane plugin developer HST Simulations, has released a major update for RealView. The update takes the plugin to version 1.5, which brings “complex changes on [the] plugin side”.

The update was announced via a thread on the X-Plane.org Forums, version 1.5 of the plugin brings a vast amount of new features.

Major update highlights include optimisation, achieved through switching to a new framework, and new effect previewing. Version 1.5 comes at no cost to existing owners of RealView, but for non-owners, it is priced at $18.95.

A full changelog for 1.5 has also been provided, which is as follows:

  • Added effect preview feature (click to slider and hold, and you will see effect preview)
  • Added checkbox "Enable preview mode"
  • Added reworked correct aircraft profiles
  • Added new angular offset for pitch hold
  • Added new angular offset for horizon hold
  • Added new angular offset for heading hold
  • Added new engine effect (now works with all aircrafts include jet engine)
  • Added new acceleration effect
  • Added new braking effect
  • Added new stall effect
  • Added new speedbrake effect
  • Added new flaps effect
  • Added new reverse effect
  • Added fully new GForce module
  • Added new ground reflect cinematic effect
  • Added new vertical G effect
  • Added new reflect shake effect
  • Added new longitude g effect
  • Added new side g effect
  • Added new touchdown effect (more shake at different surfaces)
  • Corrected work of numpad manipulators
  • Corrected main mathematics module
  • Corrected touchdown effect
  • Corrected ground effect [deleted obj surface type]
  • Corrected window appearance
  • Corrected insim & physical manual
  • Fixed command processing errors
  • Revised logic code
  • Revised interface code
  • Revised plugin core code
  • SASL updated to v3.11.0
  • Code was moved to new framework like xAmbience Pro, UWEv2.3+

According to HST Simulations, the most important change in the update was “moving to a new framework like upcoming xAmbience Pro”.

It was stated that:

“Now it will work more smoothly and stable. Also, we fixed all [the] old bugs with camera stuttering, and other[s].”

Some previews of new features brought in the update:

You can purchase RealView for $18.95 on the X-Plane.org Store, and view the RealView threads on the X-Plane.org Forums.

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