RegDesigns Releases Region of Waterloo Airport for MSFS

Having been originally announced last week, RegDesigns have released their second scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with the release of Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF).

Located an hour west of Toronto, Waterloo sees traffic from some of Canada’s most notable airlines, such as WestJet, Sunwing, and soon Flair Airlines. There is also a large general aviation presence at the airport for both student and certified pilots alike.

Numerous features are included in this scenery to bring Waterloo to life, such as PBR materials, hanger interiors, static apron objects, and much more. You can view the full feature list below.

Feature List:

  • Accurate replica of Region of Waterloo International Airport
  •  Accurate modelling from original images and other sources
  •  Correct runway elevations
  •  Canadian runway lines/markings
  •  Custom runway textures
  •  Correct PAPI angles
  •  Accurate approach lights
  •  Customized ground textures
  •  3D glass (some buildings)
  •  Night lighting
  •  Accurate taxi signs
  •  Detailed airport environment
  •  Hanger interiors (apron 2)
  •  3D sewer grills
  •  PBR-materials
  •  AI-traffic compatible
  •  Default ATC compatible
  •  Parking lot curbs/signs/gates
  •  Parking lot lines
  •  Hand-placed fences
  •  Static apron objects
  •  Static parking lot density (per Bing maps 2021)

The developer’s recreation of CYKF is available for purchase from simMarket for EUR 11.99.

You can also view more information about the scenery via its product page.

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