RegDesigns Releases Burlington Executive Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 3, 2021

Developer RegDesign has released their awaited Burlington Executive airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer states the airport is an “Accurate replica of Burlington Air Park” - alongside packing the scenery with nearly fifteen notable features not often seen throughout add-ons.

A feature list was provided alongside the product, boasting some truly unique features, alongside some more accustomed features which we see throughout most sceneries nowadays. 

  • Highly accurate modelling from original images, personal experiences, facility tours, aerial photography, and other sources.
  • Custom ground textures
  • Correct airport and runway elevations (per CFS)
  • Correct elevations around the vicinity of the airport
  • Airport lighting (per CFS)
  • Correct tree height on approach/departure
  • Correct runway dirt, lines, and markings
  • 3D Glass with Dynamic Rain
  • Volumetric night lighting
  • Highly detailed airport environment with hundreds of hand-placed objects
  • Accurate power line and power meter placements
  • Hangar interiors
  • Correct VASI angles
  • Static parking lot density (per Bing maps 2021)

Burlington Executive Airpark is a small general aviation aerodrome located 15km north-east of the city of Burlington, Ontario. 

The airport has two runways, one 14/32 and the other being 09/27 - and accommodates 143 privately owned aircraft hangars alongside tie-down spots for rent.

A rather dated website of the airport can be viewed here alongside more specific details.

Users can buy the Burlington Airpark on simMarket for 10.99 Euro’s, furthermore 1.26GB’s will be needed for installation and use.

Thanks to Awemeter in the Threshold Discord Server for the scoop!

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