SimCoders Releases Major Reality Expansion Pack Update

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SimCoders, the developers behind “Reality Expansion Packs” for many top X-Plane GA aircraft have issued an update to the software, touching on almost all of the aircraft which the packs improve fidelity for.

In version 4.3.0, seven aircraft have been updated. This includes the ASDG Super Cub, both versions (Laminar and Carenado) of the Baron 58, the Cessna 172, JRollon’s SF. 260 and the most recent REP release, the Carenado Pilatus PC-12.

While it is difficult to make a general comment about the nature of these updates, most aircraft have seen some kind of change to their flight dynamics in order to make them compatible with X-Plane 11.40+, in addition to bug fixes across the range.

The full change-log is available below:


  • Added the engine monitor
  • Improved the power curve in the 1500-2000 RPM range
  • The prop P-Factor has been improved
  • Improved the negative torque model
  • Fix: the elevator authority was excessive during the ground roll at very low speed
  • Fix: a change in XP11.35+ made the steering system unusable
  • Fix: improved the stall horn behavior on 11.35+
  • Fix: improved the stall behavior on 11.40+
  • Fix: improved the flaps dynamics on 11.40+
  • Fix: improved fuel flow at startup with mixture full rich

C210 XP11

  • The O2 pressure indicator now work properly


  • New: improved engine sounds
  • New: military BAF version powered with fuel injected engine IO-540-E4A5
  • New: G1000 cockpit version
  • Improved mixture system behavior
  • Updated librain effect plugin
  • Fix: the GTX330 did not respond properly to the press of the 8, 9, CRSR, and CLR keys while entering the TX code
  • Fix: The GTX330 was always loaded switched on even when it was switched off during pervious session
  • Fix: some textures had typos
  • Fix: the pilot arm could pop out of the canopy at certain stick position
  • Fix: the commands to control the ignition key were reversed

Carenado B58 XP10

  • Improved the flaps pitch moment

Laminar B58

  • Improved compatibility with XP11.40


  • Introduced the Pilot Emergency O2 System
  • Improved ITT evolution on plane loading (the ITT is restored from the previous flight, taking into accout the elapsed time)
  • Improved the flaps flight dynamics behavior


  • New 150HP version with smaller tundra wheels
  • The indicated fuel level depends on the aircraft pitch giving a meaning to the “Three points attitude” and “Level flight” scales on the fuel quantity indicators
  • Improved flight dynamics to experimentally support…X-Plane’s Experimental Flight Model
  • Introduced the Engine Monitor
  • More realistic empty weight
  • Fix: the oil pressure and temperature indicators did not work as expected
  • Fix: the position of the magnetos switch was not saved between sessions
  • Fix: the fuel selector position was not saved between sessions
  • Fix: the 180HP version did not map the mixture axis to the proper dataref
  • Fix: adding the cargo pod did not add extra empty weight
  • Fix: both the fuel quantity indicators reported the right-tank fuel quantity

All aircrafts

  • Message to warn that the Experimental Flight Model is not supported
  • Engine Monitor shows CHT and Oil Temperature
  • Fix: The preheater did not work properly
  • Fix: the Economy System status could be loaded only partially in some situations
  • Fix: the in-flight tips were not visible in VR. Thanks to [sparker]( for helping debugging the issue.
  • Fix: walkaround CTD
  • Fix: message boxes did not support VR
  • Improved the engine negative torque model

To update to version 4.3.0, either run the included Skunkcrafts Installer or re-download the entire package from the store of purchase.

See the source post for this article on the SimCoders’ website here.

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