REX Weather Force Technical Update 1.2 Now Available

November 21, 2020

REX Game Studios' Microsoft Flight Simulator addon Weather Force has seen an update today, bringing a slew of fixes and other improvements.

Weather Force was released in September this year and became the first third-party weather addon to become available for Microsoft Flight Simulator - it aims to deliver 'a METAR-based, dynamic real-time weather engine' complete with 'automated, dynamic and smooth' transitions between various weather patterns reported in the real world.

A changelog for version 1.2 was provided on the group's website:

  • FIXED – Multiple cloud layer decks now rendering properly.
  • FIXED – Registration process, to avoid having to re-enter registration criteria.
  • FIXED – Tightened weather synthesis grid to locate closer airports.
  • FIXED – Reduced thickness of low level overcast cloud layers.
  • FIXED – Increased font of METAR and TAF reports on main interface.
  • IMPROVED – Fog rendering when no clouds are reported on the METAR.
  • ADDED – Support for Pilot2ATC.
  • ADDED – Option to disabled Aerosol synthesis during weather injections.
  • ADDED – 4 additional Dynamic Weather Presets: Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Rainy Day and Bob Ross Happy Clouds.

The update is free for all existing users and installation instructions for the new version are available on REX's website as well.

For those who don't own REX Weather Force for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can purchase it for $21.95 USD from REX Game Studios' website here.

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