REX Weather Force Updated for Microsoft Flight Simulator

January 20, 2021

REX Game Studios' debut addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Weather Force - has been updated to version 1.3, bringing an array of fixes and improvements.

The addon is a first-of-its-kind for Microsoft Flight Simulator and is sold as a more accurate injector of real-world weather.

Version 1.3, today's update, was first previewed back in December 2020 during which time they provided customers with 'some key areas of focus'. These pertained to improving 'synthesis', which appears to be when new weather is injected from the real-world METAR.

A full change list was made available on the blog post:

  • FIXED – Favorite airport weather updates.  
  • FIXED – Aerosol option not saving.  
  • FIXED – Clouds not clearing after full overcast.  
  • FIXED – Ability to startup multiple versions of Weather Force.  
  • FIXED – Improper weather mode reporting after selecting DWP weather injection on initial load.  
  • FIXED – Snow not rendering with use of DWP.  
  • FIXED – No snow generating when snow was falling at the airport.  
  • IMPROVED – Cloud rendering based upon saturation and stability indexes found in the atmospheric column from balloon and model data.  
  • IMPROVED – Clearing cloud density during weather automation.  
  • IMPROVED – Pilot2ATC file export weather updates.  
  • IMPROVED – Surface weather condition rendering at higher elevation airports.  
  • IMPROVED – Initial load of snow on ground based upon 7-day weather conditions.  
  • ADDED – Instant updating of temperature, pressure and wind during initial weather injection.  
  • ADDED – Instant snow coverage if snow is falling at the departure airport.  
  • ADDED – Function to keep snow coverage on the ground during flight based upon 7-day review of snowfall at the airport and temperature during flight.  
  • ADDED – Ability to search weather and view weather at favorite airports during weather synthesis.

To grab the update for yourself, simply run the Weather Force application and download the new file from the pop-up. You must then uninstall your old copy of Weather Force and install a new one from the aforementioned file.

Alternatively, you can purchase REX Weather Force for Microsoft Flight Simulator for $21.95 USD from the group's website.

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