Threshold Exclusive: RIM&Co debut Ushuaia

Sam Clark
Saturday, July 7, 2018

RIM&Company, developer of sceneries such as Ayers Rock and St. Helena have given us an exclusive look at their next scenery project: Ushuaia - The Southernmost Designer Airport and Gateway to Patagonia.

Ushuaia is situated in Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost province of Argentina. It is also the southernmost international airport in the world and is only a 4-hour flight away from Antarctica.

Despite its isolated location, Ushuaia is served by nine airlines and has 18 destinations - including a seasonal service to Frankfurt. The airport features a 2914ft runway, suitable for aircraft as large as the Boeing 747. It was rumoured that the Concorde even payed a visit to the lovely Swiss-style chalet at Ushuaia.

RIM&Co have provided us with a full feature list, which you can see below:

   - A faithful rendition of both Ushuaia Malvinas Airport and the former Ushuaia military airfield,      featuring many interesting areas and surroundings as Ushuaia town many other landmarks      to explore...

   - Meticulously built ground textures at 1, 2 and 10 cm/pixel resolution based on thorough       research...

   - More than 150 handcrafted replicas of airport buildings and vehicles plus thousands of       objects equipped with 2K & 4K-Textures, giving highest attention to details, featuring many       animations and authentic Night textures...

   - Usage of the powerful CDB-Library for optimal performance...

   - Latest reflections and Normal Maps-PBR-Technology on many objects and ground polygons

   - Superb static planes unique to the location of Ushuaia Airport...

   - Putting emphasis on a vivid setting: Some airport and many sea traffic animations evoke an       as-real-as-it-gets atmosphere...

   - One of the first X-Plane sceneries to feature animated ground staff personnel

RIM&Company's Ushuaia will be released tomorrow, Monday 9th July for $25.95USD and will be available from the Threshold Store, the store, Aerosoft and RIM&Co's website;

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