rkApps Releases DCRealistic

After a long period of silence from rkApps, the developers behind XPRealistic and FSRealistic, have surprised everyone with the release of DCRealistic. The release of DCR marks the third addon from the Realistic series.

The goal of DCRealistic is the same as with the other addons from this developer - add immersion to the sim experience. Using camera shaking and sound effects, this addon increases the level of immersion. There are 21 effects inside the app, some of them being: Afterburner, Airbrake Drag, Brakes Canopy Shut, Canopy Jettison, Ground Roll, Over G, Wind ambience, G force, touchdown and many more. Each one of these effects can be manually edited to the user’s liking. 

It is also compatible with SimHaptic, another rkApps’ addon that synchronises the Bass shaker with the simulator effects. All mods in DCS are supported, both official and community ones. VR and TrackIR enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy this addon, as both are compatible with DCR.

DCRealistic is available for purchase on the rkApps website for $19.99, and the 7-day trial version can also be found on the same page. 

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