Runawaybot and Skytry Release Scandinavian Mountains Airport

September 5, 2020

Runawaybot and Skytry have recently united to release their latest scenery add-on for X-Plane 11, located in central Sweden, Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS). 

Scandinavian Mountains Airport is an airfield located in the Swedish province of Dalarna, serving the city of Salen in the same country and the Norwegian city of Trysil. Opened less than a year ago, the airport has already seen over 14,000 passengers go through its gates. The airport was built to provide transportation for tourists visiting one of the numerous ski regions located in the region. During the winter, flights are operated to as far as London-Heathrow Airport. SCR offers unusual transfer options to its passengers, people travelling to Salen can ride on a dog sledge or a snowmobile to reach their final location. 

The developers put a heavy focus on ensuring a flawless winter experience. Thanks to the SAM plugin, the airport can be loaded with a full set of custom winter textures. Also included is a simulation of snowdrifts. The airport features fully custom airport buildings, custom forests and ground textures as well as many other features. The full changelog is available below: 

● Custom terminal and utility buildings

● Custom forests

● Winter season with winter ground textures as well as snowdrifts

● Hand made ground textures

● SAM compatibility

● Custom night lighting complemented by baked night textures

Scandinavian Mountains Airport by Runawaybot and Skytry is now available for X-Plane 11 on the Threshold Store for $14.90. 

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