SimWorksStudios Releases RV-14 for MSFS

April 12, 2022

SimWorksStudios have officially released their rendition of the RV-14 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. With a variety of features accessible to users, this aircraft is a keen addition to MSFS's General Aviation market.

Touted as an aircraft with many pristine features, Van's RV-14 features a wide variety of features for real-world pilots to experience. The aircraft ships in two variants, the RV-14, and the RV-14A. Visually the difference is the main variant is a taildragger, whilst the A variant is not. With a high fuel economy, fast speed, and a comfortable flight deck, this aircraft offers much of a pilot's dream.

SimWorksStudios have provided a feature list upon release. Starting, all variants of the RV-14 have been included with 3 different liveries. The 3D model and animations all replicate the real-world aircraft, plus the flight dynamics of the aircraft have been tested by real-world pilots. All MSFS icing and rain effects are compatible with the aircraft. Alongside this, GTNS750 compatibility with both PMS50 and TDS is available. If you'd like the full feature list, you can check it out on the aircraft's product page.

If you are interested in picking this aircraft up for yourself, you can purchase it over at the SimWorksStudios Website, selling for €14.99. If you are interested in other products by the same development team, you can check out their website to view their catalog of products.

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