RWDesigns Updates DHC-6 Twin Otter to Version 2.1

Friday, May 15, 2020

After a long period of silence from the developer, RWDesigns has updated his Twin Otter for X-Plane.

The update - announced on the Forum - brings the new notable feature of a G1000 cockpit like that found in the Viking Twin Otter and a long list of bug fixes (fule changelog below).

RWDesign released his latest project, the Citation Mustang was released little under a year ago, in June 2019. Only a few minor updates for the aircraft have been seen from the developer since.

The developer has been in the community for a long period of time and is behind many other projects for the X-Plane platform, including the A330-300, first released in 2013.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Added G1000 version
  • Make autopilot ALT button behave as altitude arm allowing to intercept set altitude in IAS mode
  • Add autopilot button lighting as per overhead light dial
  • Allow autopilot altitude changes via x-plane commands refs/keybindings sim/autopilot/altitude_down|up
  • Add beta prop range
  • Make throttle levers move visually through reverse/BETA/alpha
  • Fix developer log filling with "[SASL ERROR] can't load component part_aa" when no livery selected
  • Fix overhead Deicer Boots Inner/Out Wing switch
  • Switch to x-plane's new PT6 "Free N2 Turobrop" model, tweak Ng/Np speeds, change gauges to use N1/2_percent, tune starter
  • Fix bus tie switch as "normal" cross_tie should be 1, 0 otherwise
  • Fix lights and igniters to work if on  external power
  • Fix MANUAL IGNITION meaning always on, NORMAL meaning auto w/starter, ENG IGNITER are three state (L/Both/R) but INOP
  • Fix overhead flight compartment switch toggle power to cabin lights
  • Redesigned floats for better water handling
  • Make autopilot ALT button set current indicated altitude if IAS mode is not engaged yet.
  • Add invisible water rudder improving taxi with X-Plane's limitations on water
  • Rework autopilot buttons (light level, battery status)
  • Add lighting to altitude selector, Nav, OBS, CRS knobs
  • Fix texture of panel for spelling
  • Fix texture of overhead ignitor switch
  • Rework autopilot ALT button to allow to go into Altitude Arm, Hold, and out of hold successfully
  • Recharge battery on external power (instant recharge allows startup of engines)

Existing owners should be able to load into the aircraft in X-Plane for the STMA Auto-Updater to update the aircraft.

RWDesigns’ Twin Otter can be purchased for $29.95 for the Store.

Thanks to Discord user flym. For letting us know of this news in the Threshold Discord server.

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