Yak-52 in Development by RuSky Group

Alex John
Thursday, March 21, 2019

RuSky Group, a new team of developers, have announced the development of a Yak-52 for X-Plane 11. Having first flown in 1979, the Yakovlev Yak-52 is a Soviet trainer aircraft that first flew in 1979, and was piloted by pilots of the USSR, Russia and other countries.

The team state they are aiming to create a high-fidelity simulation of the aircraft, with an emphasis on the systems, engine and aerodynamics of the aircraft. Additionally, they claim the RPM (RO-2) regulator has already been modelled, and airfoils will be fine-tuned for realistic aerobatic characteristics.

The two above images are renders from a 3D modelling software. The remainder are screenshots of the aircraft in the simulator.

The team gave a status list of what is reportedly in progress, as well as a list of features with work yet to start on.

Current status:

  • Creating aerodynamic surfaces and airfoils 100%.
  • Real fuel system and fuel gauge 100 % (Change indication)
  • Tuning and custom logic of the engine 80%.
  • The propeller and its aerodynamics 80%.
  • Gauges logic 30%.
  • Modeling 40%.
  • Textures 40%.
  • PBR normal and smooth 30%.
  • FMOD Integrated 10%.
  • New 3d lighting effect for all lamps 40 %.
  • Windows effects from SKiselkov 50 %.


  • Full VR adaptation.
  • Flight school integrated .
  • Custom visual and moving camera control (walking effect).
  • Detailed engine and preflight preparation.
  • Ground service.
  • Custom failures.
  • And more.

The announcement can be found at the x-plane.org forum.

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