Stairport Releases SAM Extension: GlobalTrees Library

March 3, 2020

Stairport is hopping on the vegetation bandwagon with their fork of the FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees, appropriated to harness the seasonal capabilities of SAM Seasons. A continuation of Stairport's effort to bring environmental improvement on a global scale, SAM GlobalTrees is free and can be used seperately, or in combination with SAM Seasons. Like the Seasons extension, the trees can be configured in the plugin menu.

A previous iteration was already included in the SAM Seasons Library Package, but users who wants the latest updated library could follow through with downloading SAM GlobalTrees to update the vegetation textures in SAM Seasons, abolishing the need to download the entirety of SAM Seasons package repeatedly whenever an update rolls out. Otherwise, the user can simply install this is a standard texture replacement vegetation set if the user doesn't require seasonal rendering.


  • Replaces global forests and trees with high resolution ones including those placed by the urban autogen areas (every single tree gets updated)
  • Can be used without the SAM Seasons library installed
  • Forest density can be reduced if performance issues arise (configuration is described in the manual)
  • Replaces SFD Global forests if you wish so (needs configuration as described in the manual)
  • Supports SAM Seasons
  • Supports SAM Colors (some colors need configuration to be available as described in the manual)
  • Updates SAM Seasons vegetation without redownloading the seasons library
  • Comes with a python based configuration tool but also allows manual copy and paste based configuration
  • SAM Seasons SDK can be incorporated by scenery designers to match SAM GlobalTrees color appearance (supporting all SAM GlobalTrees color and season styles)

With the release of SAM GlobalTrees, this brings the total count of vegetation texture packages in X-Plane up one notch, joining the ranks of Orbx's TerraFlora, GeoReality's Global Forests, and ShortFinalDesign's Trees HD. For further information and support, simply visit their support site.

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