SayIntentions.AI Receives Launch Date and Updates on Pricing

Several months ago, we covered a potentially game-changing AI Air Traffic Control (ATC) system activated and controlled using your voice. SayIntentions.AI enables users to employ natural language and phraseology commonly used in real-world aviation communications. The primary goal is to provide users with a lifelike, interactive communication experience, making SayIntentions.AI ideal for those new to learning aviation radio communications. The team behind SayIntentions.AI, (formerly known as SmartSky.AI) plans to launch the product on January 15th, 2024. Their vision is to "create something that is not only comprehensive but also undeniably more enjoyable to use than flying solo," while addressing the challenge of making live ATC less intimidating.

Since the initial announcement, the team has made significant progress. SayIntentions.AI can now support Class B, C, and D airspaces, providing services such as flight following, radar services, traffic advisories, closed traffic pattern work, Air Traffic Services (ATS), Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), Visual Flight Rules (VFR) transitions, routes, and flight plans for every airport in the United States. Sayintentions.AI works with both X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator with flexibility across both sim platforms.

Additional features include custom voices for specific airports, and controllers will possess their own personalities, adding uniqueness to certain areas. The team outlined various procedures in a Reddit post, including noise abatement procedures and guided directions to specific landmarks as well.

SayIntentions.AI also includes a student pilot mode designed for learning the ropes, with more patient controllers allowing users to ask questions, prompting ATC to provide assistance. The team is fine-tuning the last five percent to achieve the perfect finished state. Pricing details are still in progress, set with a subscription-based service at a monthly rate of possibly $15-20. A trial version will be available around the Lake Tahoe Reno, Nevada area, allowing users to "try before you buy."
To learn more about SayIntentions.AI see the Reddit post, website, SayIntention.AI's Discord and check out the demo YouTube video below. You can also sign up for the wait list via SayIntention.AI's website!

Of course stay tuned to Threshold for more news and updates on SayIntentions.AI!

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