SimBitWorld Teases A Pilots Life V2 Screenshots

SimBitWorld, developers of "A Pilots Life" have posted a new showcase on their Facebook page regarding the next generation of the plugin. With a complete overhaul of features and new additions coming in the near future.

The company CEO, Ovidiu has teased various features of APL v2 for the past few months, showcasing various UI overhauls along with features making a reappearance in the new version, alongside new features that will be making an appearance. The team is expecting a release sometime in spring or summer of this year.

A Pilots Life provides users an immersive experience into the world of a commercial airline pilot. Whether it be in regards to passenger or cargo operations, the plugin provides and tailors to the user. You make your way up through the airlines, completing routes, with various aircraft. As you gain experience, you have the option to move to more major carriers, and have the option to earn more virtual money.

No complete feature list has been provided at this time. The project is currently in its beta stage of development, and Ovidiu is planning on making his deadline for release, which he has yet to disclose.

You can purchase A Pilots Life over on the simMarket for a limited discount price of €8.38, after which the product sells for €16.75

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