SimCoders Releases Thranda Quest Kodiak REP

Sam Clark
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The latest entry in SimCoders' popular Reality Expansion Pack series is now available, in the form of a package for Thranda Design's recently released Quest Kodiak G1000.

Being the second turboprop aircraft to receive a REP pack after the Carenado PC-12 last year, realistic Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engine dynamics can be expected. Using features initially brought on with the PC-12, SimCoders have carried over a custom turbine model for the PT-6 which adds the following behaviors:

  • Secondary fuel flow behavior (check the two ITT spikes during startup!)
  • Realistic lag
  • Custom ITT evolution
  • Custom throttle dynamics
  • Custom propeller governor recreating all supported prop modes, electric auto-feather included
  • Custom hot-start behavior (and damages)

Other 'main highlights' as the developer describes include tweaked flight dynamics, REP's traditional interactive walkaround, kneeboard and maintenance systems as well as a custom fuel management pop-up integrated with the aircraft's default menu provided by Thranda Design. Extra sounds are also included, though the feature list does not list specific areas these have been used.

Another drawcard of the pack is a custom failures system, which is simulated by 50,000+ lines of code in the plugin, as well as REP's recent integration with FSEconomy, allowing for REP flights to be logged on the network.

You can purchase SimCoders' REP package for the Thranda Quest Kodiak G1000 for $19.99 USD from the Store.

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