CDB Scenery Design & Maps2XPlane Working on St. Croix for X-Plane

October 14, 2021


A few hours ago, Aerosoft announced on their website that a collaboration between CDB Scenery Design and Maps2XPlane has materialised to produce Saint Croix for X-Plane 11. Like many other works from Maps2XPlane, Aerosoft will be the publisher repping the developers. The announcement is short but pointedly, offering the standard issue features users expect in a scenery product.

Saint Croix is the largest constituent in the collection of islands that make up the US Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea; it is nicknamed "Twin City" due to having two towns occupying the western and northeast end of the island.

The anchoring highlight of this scenery is the terraformation with a custom “photo-terrain-mesh” which stretches across the entire island, a notable specialty of Maps2XPlane, the main air-gateway for the island; Henry E. Rohlsen Airport brings the landmass to life with customised assets decorated throughout the precinct with localised renditions of vegetation, autogen buildings and a reworked road and sea network with dynamic traffic.

The scenery will additionally cover the two towns situated on each end of the island; Christiansted and Frederiksted with the basic landmarks and features, with Christiansted Seaplane Base also modelled in. For more images and the original announcement, head over to their website post.

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