Orbx Announces Sandane Airport

October 18, 2021

Shortly following the release of Hammerfest airport, Orbx has taken a short hop within the country to announce another Norwegian airfield: Sandane airport. In a similar vein to Hammerfest, or practically all of Norway really, the airport provides users with a challenging but scenic approach. You’ll want to plan your approach carefully as you don’t want to end up in the water right before the runway. In typical Orbx fashion, these modern products represent the best and latest of the team’s technologies, going to great lengths to model every aspect of the airport; from the fences that keep you from sending your plane into oblivion, to snowplows to keep the runway clear of snow. There isn’t much to highlight in words, but the attention to detail, alongside the picturesque nature of the real location definitely speaks for it.

The real airport is a regional facility serving the village of Sandane in the county of Vestland, Norway. The airport was opened on the 1st of July, 1975, as the only public airport serving Nordfjord. The airport sees a variety of aircraft, of which only one is a commercial aircraft, operated by Widerøe, the service is flown with Dash-8 100 aircraft, with intermediate stops in Sogndal. Furthermore, the airport has a 970-meter runway, causing the end to approach quite fast if you don’t slow down in time.

It is worth noting how the scenery is being developed by one of Orbx’s stars: Andreas Hegi, who previously developed Sogndal airport, giving us a taste of what this airport could be like. Orbx hasn’t given out a full feature list just yet, however, the key feature list can be found below. 

  • Detailed rendition of ENSD Sandane Airport
  • 2K textures and PBR
  • Custom ground decals
  • Crisp 60cm ortho
  • Custom approach lighting and ground equipment

A release date has not yet been announced, but as always, Threshold will keep you updated. To top it off, the original announcement can be found on the ORBX website.

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