ShortFinal Designs unveils Airport Environment HD V2

Peter Tram
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A few hours ago, MisterX, under his payware marque ShortFinal Designs, has revealed that he is working on a new version of his popular texture-replacement modification: Airport Environment HD. Showcasing the highlights of the new textures, the new version brings the groundwork from his latest sceneries straight into default airports worldwide.

Most of the textures are reauthored or redeveloped to support X-Plane 11's PBR capabilities. In addition, version 2 expands to not only include textures, but new and more detailed airport assets - replacing the ageing default objects that was created by Javier Rollon during his X-Plane 10 days; new vehicles such as cargo trucks, fuel tanks and airport lights. Version 2 also introduces brand new redeveloped ground decals, grass and soil now pops out like never before:

Original announcement post on Facebook:


This looks to be a well deserved redevelopment to an already solid texture set, and with good reason, the original version was released around X-Plane 11's initial unveiling, as such the textures were primarily designed for X-Plane 10 - that is almost 2 years ago.

Update: It seems that some folks are puzzled whether the new version will be free or not, some flags it as payware because the developer has revealed it under the Facebook Page of his payware marque, but we've reached out to MisterX and he has confirmed that the second iteration will be free.

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