Imminent: ShortFinal Designs KLAX

Peter Tram
June 30, 2018

Looks to be an exciting next few weeks as we've got a few new incredible sceneries coming out for us to enjoy!

MisterX6, creator of popular freeware and most recently payware addons (under the alias ShortFinal Design) has recently posted the last batches of preview images of KLAX, a new version of Los Angeles International, completely rebuilt from the ground up and exclusively for X-Plane 11. The project was announced back in March.

The developer posted on the newly created Facebook page that the finishing touches are being done and will soon be wrapped up for release. We can expect the scenery to be on the shelves this coming weekend.

Main Features:

Check out these previews, some incredible attention to detail:

ShortFinal Designs has also a new Facebook page, give them a like and follow them here: LINK

See some of his other works on the store here.