ShortFinal Design Update Munich Airport for X-Plane 11 to Version v1.1

January 11, 2021

Developer ShortFinal Design has released version 1.1 of their Munich Airport for X-Plane 11. The update was announced through a post on the X-Plane Forums as well as through a Facebook post, and it has been available for download on the X-Plane Store since the 7th of this month. The update comes at no cost to existing owners of Munich Airport, and no price rise has been announced by the developer either.

Version v1.1 of ShortFinal Design’s Munich Airport sees many new additions, such as the implementation of SAM Seasonal textures, updated ground textures and a more up to date airport layout. On top of this, the developer has added custom lighting and the terminal 1 construction site.

A full changelog of the update can be found on the X-Plane Forums along with various photos of the airport. The full list of additions reads as follows:

  • Added construction site at T1 and updated taxiway layout
  • Added custom centerline lights for blue/orange taxi lines
  • Added custom inset blue edge lights
  • Added SAM Seasons compatibility and also added fall and mild winter versions
  • Added some missing buildings around the airport
  • Improved runway textures
  • Improved taxiway lines
  • Improved vegetation textures
  • Updated GroundTraffic plugin for X-Plane 11.50 (Metal/Vulkan)
  • Updated layout of apron 5 and 13 (East of T2)
  • Updated mesh: more resolution, drainage ditches, fixed lighting issues
  • Updated jetway textures with new o2 advertisements
  • Updated several airport vehicles with new PBR models

You can find the v1.1 of Munich Airport on the X-Plane Store, and you can keep up to date with ShortFinal Design’s future developments through their Facebook page.

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