SharedFlight Undergoes Branding Change

December 21, 2020

SharedFlight, “an upcoming platform that enables large-scale multi-crew server-based connections to X-Plane users, “ has undergone a branding and operations change announced on their new Facebook page.

The plugin which was previously intertwined with FlyJSim will now act as a standalone product, and the team at FlyJSim “will not be handling the marketing or support” for SharedFlight.

If users want to receive further updates on this project’s development, they’ll have to navigate to SharedFlight’s new Website, Discord server, Facebook, or Twitter page.

Beta signups are also available on their website, with the product having been confirmed to enter its beta stage imminently. The developers have also provided a note for beta applicants, stating, “For users who have previously applied for the beta, applicant accounts have already been created and will begin to transition to full accounts once the beta period begins.”

You can view the original announcement on SharedFlight’s Facebook Page.

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