SimCoders releases Reality Expansion for Super Cub in X-Plane 12

After months of anticipation and hard work, the Reality Expansion Pack (REP) for the X-Plane 12 Piper Super Cub has finally arrived! This highly anticipated expansion pack is here to enhance your flying experience and take your virtual piloting skills to new heights. What's more, it is fully compatible with the existing free Super Cub mod by taildragging68.

Feature List

Let's take a look at some of the exciting highlights of this Reality Expansion Pack:

  1. Custom Airfoils: The Super Cub's flight characteristics have been meticulously modeled using custom USA35B airfoils. This ensures that the aircraft behaves realistically, with accurate stall and slow-speed behaviors, as well as precise cruise pitch and speed parameters.
  2. Custom Tailwheel Steering: Ground handling a real Super Cub is no easy task, requiring utmost attention to prevent messy ground-loops. Now, with the custom model for tailwheel steering in X-Plane, you'll experience the same level of realism. You'll find yourself fighting to keep the plane straight during takeoff runs, just like in the real world.
  3. Lycoming O-320 Engine: The REP for Piper Super Cub features an incredibly detailed and sophisticated engine model. Going beyond the default X-Plane model, this custom engine model, developed using C++ code, grants full control over the engine behavior. It includes features such as precise power curve matching real-world data, realistic power lever control (managing both RPM and Manifold Pressure), a customized fuel system with a fuel filter, and a realistic oil system with interchangeable oil types that affect temperature and pressure. You'll even need to deal with spark plug fouling and choose from different spark plug types. The custom carburetor system simulation adds another layer of realism.
  4. Custom System Failures and Startup Procedures: The REP introduces custom system failures, requiring you to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Realistic startup procedures are also included, allowing you to go through the proper steps to get the engine up and running smoothly. If you prefer a quicker start, there's an automatic startup option available as well. The Maintenance Report provides a detailed overview of all airplane systems, helping you identify and address any maintenance needs.
  5. Economy System: For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the REP offers a custom economy system. This system rewards you with virtual money after each flight, which can be used to repair the aircraft and purchase fuel at realistic prices worldwide. Additionally, you can integrate the Economy System with other platforms like FSEconomy or X-CPL-Pilot, further expanding your virtual aviation adventures.

For the full feature list, do check out their product page.

These are just a few of the highlights that the Reality Expansion Pack for X-Plane 12 Piper Super Cub has to offer. From VR support to interactive pre/post-flight checks, a custom towing system, and much more, this pack aims to provide an unparalleled level of realism and immersion for X-Plane enthusiasts.

It is now available on the store for just $19.99.

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