Simbrief Receives Massive Update and Overhaul 

February 16, 2023

Simbrief is the most popular and widely used flight sim dispatch system which is offered for free by parent company Navigraph. It’s been a considerable amount of time since anything major has changed with SimBrief after the acquisition by Navigraph… Until now that is! Simbrief has received a complete re-design and new look which streamlines the entire service and gives it a fresh, new, easy-to-use look. 

The new SimBrief look has certainly gone down well with the flight sim community so far since its release a short time ago, many think it is a fantastic new design which not only makes it easier to use but adds more neat features such as personal flying statistics. 

Other new features in this update include: 

  • Dark mode and large text options
  • A larger and more convenient interactive flight map
  • Built-in airframes for popular third-party add-ons
  • Improved alternate airport filters and options
  • Easier sorting through saved flights and saved airframes
  • A new and improved user guide

You can check this latest version of simbrief out for yourself over at

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